A LEGAL Closed Loop Credit Card Payment System For Dispensaries


      • ACCEPT All Major Credit Cards & Debit Cards
      • Traditional Credit Card Processing Experience for the Customer
      • No Mis-Coding, No Merchant Liability
      • Increase your Average Sale
      • Paperless Receipts 
      • Shift Reports & Real-Time Reporting
      • Unique Budtender Logins
      • Manager Permissions
      • Issue Refunds & Partial Refunds
      • Generate Refunds, Void and Sales Reports
      • GET Funded Daily
      • ADD Surcharges to Cover your Fees
      • SCAN ID and Medical Cards for Customer Files
      • WORKS Alongside your Current POS System



Take customer payments curbside with our mobile iPad Mini that also has an EMV compliant swiper attached to it. Email or Text them the receipt and onto the next client
Our card readers are attached to an iPad so you can take payments on the GO with our all-in-one mobile system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why our system is Legal
The customer is paying with a credit card and sending money into a “wallet” account and that wallet is holding that money – $1 equal 1- Wallet Token and in the background those tokens are sent from the customer’s wallet to the merchant’s wallet and changed from tokens to Dollars.
Our banks know exactly what is going on and they know this system is being used in legal dispensary businesses.
All accounts are in the name of our provider and all funds are held in FDIC insured accounts until you batch out and deposit into your bank account or are held in your merchant wallet to pay bills. All or our bank accounts are administered by a Trustee and administered by a third party for the sole purpose of supporting the integrity of the system.
Is our system compliant?
Yes we are AML compliant with FinCen, and our Wallet provider has an MSB “Money Service Business” License (just like Western Union) and is licensed in all 50 States, and additionally, we have an MTL “Money Transmitter License” in all 50 States. This enables us to be 100% complaint with FinCen and the Banks.
Will my money disappear? 
The Public company who owns the deposit accounts that are third-party administered and assigned to a trustee. This means that no one has open access to these funds, therefore we are not able to disappear with your money.
What makes our system better?
We are different because we have streamlined the payment process so it mimics the traditional card payment experience for the customer, without a workaround. This system was built for all industries and not specific to dispensaries. Other systems use a workaround like pre-paid cards, mobile apps, debit only, bank drafts or some type of crypto-currency, and they are mostly designed with a limited scope in mind.
Compare our system to an ATM?
An ATM charges a fee of $3 to $5 and in addition to that, the customer’s bank charges up to $3 for a non-bank ATM fee.
Example on a $100 – the customer is paying $6 to $8
So they are paying 6% to 8% to take out money!
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